"Even after all these years, I am still unsure whether or not this drive to make drawings and do some colouring in is an Olympian gift or some accursed damnation. I recognized from the start that there was much to observe, address, and reflect upon. The sky, oceans, mountains, trees, rivers, buildings, people, and animals. Thrown in for good measure are also experiences, emotions, dreams, desires, achievements, and disasters. Some might call it art, others label it as illustration or visual language. It's my guess that it is all about just making pictures." Al Cazu (Alan G Williamson)

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To view a comprehensive collection of Al’s creations click on ‘Enter Gallery’. Forthcoming exhibitions are listed within the ‘Exhibitions & Recent Work’ section.
A snapshot of the artist’s past life and some samples
of his commercial designs are included in the 'History' section. Al not only produces pictures, he also writes stories, songs, and poetry. He sometimes makes films, and even picks the occasional musical tune. Al talking about his work.

Al Slide Guitar
All of Al’s published works are available as e-Books and can be viewed at ‘Explore Books’. They are also available as hardcopy from his ‘Author’s Page
at Amazon. Book Titles: ‘Something On My Mind’, ‘Harry The Laughing Rat’, 'Falmouth Sketches’, 'Moorland Magic’, ‘Cornwall Coast To Coast’, 'Mind’s Eye', ‘Alf'’, ‘I Guess You Had To Be Ther'e (Autobiography)', ‘Three Rivers & An Ocean'.and his latest publication: 'From Hell's Mouth To The Lizard'.

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