alfThis children’s book tells the story of a dog’s life. Alf began his puppy days in a warm and comfortable home. Sadly, later in his life he was unfortunate enough to find himself confined within the Public Dog Kennels. While being confined in the dog pound, Alf found friendship among his fellow inmates.

To find out how Al’s story continues, and concludes, you need to read the book.

The printed version of ‘Alf’ is available at: Hardcopy from Amazon

Online is an eBook of ‘Alf’ at
This is an interactive book where the reader can by clicking on the text listen to an audible narrative.
Clicking on the circles within the illustrations activates the script, along with the character’s voices, and sound effects.  
This can be viewed and listened to for free.

It is hoped that this publication will also be useful to young people who have the ambition to create stories of their own, plus how their ideas can develop into a narrative, and be visualised.

If it is the intention to develop a story into a play or movie then a script and visual storyboard can be created based on the narrative. Examples of these in the case of ‘Alf’ are available from these links:


If the young would-be producer/Director chose ‘Alf’ to make a production of, it offers the opportunity to engage twenty different characters. Masks for these could be made and painted based on the book and storyboard. The script could be changed or added to. More adventures could be dreamed up, or even the ending completely changed.

Should Alf’s story were to become a play or video, then the production would require even more skills and talents. Just the same as professional productions, there are many essential activities that happen behind the scenes. These require not only writers but: Artists, Designers, Musicians, Sound Effect Creators, Camera People, Costume Designers, Organizers, and more.

You could yourself transform Alf’s story into a live performance, and also video the production

Or of course the whole process of how to create and develop similar projects could be based on these examples, and a story of your
own be created and produced


I have put this project together with the hope of encouraging  young storytellers to explore different ways to communicate their own ideas and creations. It may also be of use to teachers of Media, Art, and Drama.

Al Cazu (Alan G Williamson).