The artist has fortunately agreed that for the very first time he will publish a collection of his pictures that are examples from his entire life’s work. Al’s earliest attempts of picture making can be found in the ‘History’ section. These date back more than fifty years. The ‘Catalogue’ includes paintings, drawings, and sculpture that collectively offer an insight into the artist himself and his life’s work.

Some of the original works included have long been sold, these are marked with a red dot. There are also a number of pictures included within the catalogue that are presently reserved for exhibition. These are as yet not for sale and are marked with a yellow dot. For information about acquiring original works, limited editions, signed prints, or books please go to the ‘Sales & Downloads’ section.

Loose Tubes .

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Artist’s statement: “I’ve never really thought of myself as an artist. Making pictures is just something that I do and have always done since I can remember. Although I have never created a picture with the intention of making money, my pictures have on occasion brought me riches. However, those same creative endeavors have sometimes also led me
into poverty and despair.

I am mostly reluctant to theorize and philosophize with regard to my own creations. As much as I love the world of art, I am very wary of art speak, and attempts to explain it. For myself I can only state that it has often saved my balance and overall sanity. Sure it’s a love hate affair but when the love comes into play, it is without question that picture making is the most dependable lover I have known as yet.” (Al Cazu)

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